Monday, February 06, 2006

Acappella in Concert: A Night to Remember

I'm beginning to realize that I must be among a small minority of 30 to 40 somethings who grew up in the Church of Christ tradition who never heard Acappella in concert. Until last Wednesday, I never have had the privilege of hearing this amazing group of guys live and in concert.

Now, I must admit that there was one compelling reason why I made every effort to hear Acappella in concert at the Univeristy Church in Tuscaloosa: my son, Allen, is the newest member of this phenomenal group. For the last year and a half, Allen sang bass with New Reign, the flagship acappella group at Oklahoma Christian University. Over the holidays, he was presented with the unique opportunity to join Acappella, a life-long dream of his. While this meant his giving up a full-tuition scholarship and leaving a wonderful academic community at OC, he sincerely felt like this was God's invitation to him. After much prayer and conversation with him, he took the offer to become the bass singer for Acappella, joining them this past January.

I'm like any dad, I suppose. I'm very proud of my son and have always supported his efforts. For some time, Carol and I knew that he was extremely gifted musically, both vocally and musically. Allen developed these gifts in high school, playing tuba in the High School band, taking piano classes, and singing in the choir. Also, CrossBridge has been a place where he was able to develop his vocal talents, singing on LifeSong since he was in the 8th grade.

I must say that I was absolutely amazed, not only at Allen, but all the musicians in Acappella. These guys not only put on a great show with a great message, they all have hearts for God. I left Tuscaloosa with a deep appreciation for Keith Lancaster's vision that has had many talented voices through the years, but always one great sound, and one great message. I'm proud that my son is a part of this Christ-focus group who presents the good news of Jesus through their performances. And, I'm primarily proud that Allen is using his God-given talents to the honor and glory of the One Who has gifted him.

I hope to see him--and Acappella--again very soon. May God bless this group as they travel around the world presenting the good news of Jesus in their unique, powerful way.

Allen, if you read this blog, I want you to know that your old dad loves you with all his heart and that he is very proud of the man of God that you have become!